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Mustard Embroidered Collar Abaya Dress
Mustard Embroidered Collar Abaya Dress
Mustard Embroidered Collar Abaya Dress

Mustard Embroidered Collar Abaya Dress

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A bold style statement. The bright and beautiful mustard adds a pop of color to your everyday staple. Buy this embroidered abaya dress to wear for any special occasion. 

Product Features

  • The beautiful embroider in the abaya dress makes it extra special 
  • The bright mustard abaya is vibrant to wear for any occasion, and teaming it up with a hijab won't be a hassle 
  • The high-quality materials used in the making of the hijab are durable. 

How to Wear?

Abayas are an incredible addition to your daily wardrobe. Amp up your everyday staple by adding this unique abaya. The length of the abaya matters the most, so you must be choosy and wear this abaya to the right length. The arm's length of our embroidered abaya is exactly the right fit so that you can make a style statement with this abaya. This embroidered abaya is the ideal choice to wear with your favorite hijab, and you can try out the ideal style that goes well with your outfit. 

Care Instructions

Take care of the abaya in good condition by following the care information. It will help to wear the abaya for a long time. 

Washing Instructions: This mustard embroidered collar abaya dress is a must-have in your wardrobe collection. This abaya with sartorial elegance and contemporary design remains the ideal choice to wear. The embroidered collar is a stunning aspect that you would like to have in every abaya. The button in the abaya dress is a classic with a contemporary twist. 

The dress is made using the best quality fabrics with exceptional and elegant style. It would be an excellent choice for people who'd love to wear the traditional abayas in smart ways. The mustard embroidered abaya is meticulously designed to exude style in every way. You can check this stunning abaya dress available in a unique style and make

Taking care of the abaya is way too important. If you consider hand washing, follow the same procedure that you prefer for other clothes. However, it is crucial to be cautious. It would be better if you didn't soak the abaya dress for more than ten minutes. Use cold water and mild detergent to wash it safely. Don't rub too hard in the embroidery areas and only scrub in the dirty areas.


If you want to iron this abaya, use a mild heat setting. Due to the softness of the fabric, you must follow a gentle way to handle it. Ensure that you iron the abaya inside out. 

Note: This size guide is for your reference only if you need further advice about sizing and measurements please contacts us at