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Dusty Pink Rhinestone Embellishment Abaya
Dusty Pink Rhinestone Embellishment Abaya

Dusty Pink Rhinestone Embellishment Abaya

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An embellished abaya is all you need to make a unique style statement. This dusky pink abaya dress incorporates Rhinestone embellishment all over. When you head out for any special occasion, you will need a fresh piece that looks stylish yet comfortable. This trendy abaya is the ideal choice for every woman out there, and you can get one without any doubts. 

This abaya has a timeless silhouette, so you can feel the elegance and modesty while wearing it. The soft fabric makes sure that you feel comfortable while wearing it. The features like drawstring waist and embellishments keep it the ideal choice. This abaya is a unique style to wear so that you can choose it without any doubt. 

The embellishments in this abaya dress are one of the special features that make women choose this abaya. It is an incredible choice for people who'd love to wear an elegant abaya with extraordinary embellishments. The embossed rhinestones make this abaya very special, and you can invest in this piece without any doubt. 

Product Features

  • The lightweight fabric ensures comfort while wearing the abaya 
  • The rhinestone embellishments elevate your look by several notches 
  • Best suited to wear for any special occasion 

How to Wear?

As specified earlier, this abaya is perfect for making a statement in your style. When you are going to a party or wedding, you will consider a scintillating abaya. If you experiment with new looks, it is essential to try this abaya design that looks elegant. The sweet shade of the abaya makes it look more sophisticated and always remains a modern addition to your abaya dress collection.

With a traditional theme and sophisticated style, you can wear the abaya to any special occasion. This abaya looks luxurious and exudes ethereal elegance. Though black abayas are common, this shade is an extraordinary addition to your collection. 

Care Instructions

Abayas are usually created using delicate materials, but this abaya has rhinestones embossed on it. We suggest you follow the instructions to keep your abaya in good condition for a long time. 

Washing Instructions: 

You must take good care of the abaya and wash it gently. Remember that the embellishments may rinse away when washing. So, ensure that you carry out the washing process gradually without causing any issues.


As the abaya is embossed with rhinestones, iron it inside out. You can also use an additional fabric over the embellishment to avoid any issues while ironing.


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